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Basic Land Navigation.

Before any hunter heads off into the bush they should ensure they have the necessary skills and equipment. One such skill is basic land navigation.

In today’s day and age it could be easy to think I have a GPS (Global Positioning System) I’ll be right! But batteries run out, things break. A guy called Murphy once said if it can go wrong, it will go wrong.

So it’s important for a hunter to take a map and compass with them as a back up system. However a map and a compass will be of no help if you have no idea on how to use them.

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Three weeks without food.

Today is the final blog in our rule of three series. This being so it is that most people can survive for three weeks without food. Again, I must stress that these time periods differ between person to person and medical conditions such as diabetes will place food higher on your list of priorities.

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3 days without water.

Our next survival priority is water, particularly in Australia where water can be hard to find, and temperatures can skyrocket.

Dehydration can not only kill you but suffering from even mild dehydration can make decision making difficult and can lead to costly and life threating mistakes.

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Three Hours without Shelter

I know many of you will be saying that this can’t be correct. I go out for more than 3 hours at a time and I don’t need a shelter to survive.

Once again, the rules of 3 are not an exact time period to measure your survival or death and are only a general guide to help focus on our priorities in a survival situation. Furthermore, the rules of 3’s are for survival situations and not everyday life; therefore, they are based on the worse case scenarios such as being dumped into freezing cold water drenching your clothing or somehow being stuck in the middle of the desert naked.

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3 Minutes without air.

Building onto our series on the rule of 3’s, the next rule is 3 minutes without air.

Now I know that some people can hold their breath for a lot longer than three minutes, just as some of us have health conditions and need constant oxygen to stay alive. The rule of 3’s is not to give a definitive time frame of when you will die, but a helpful tool to help put your priorities in order. I think we can all agree we will live longer without a drink of water then if what we would if we were under water with no air.

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Bush craft and survival skills.

I used to take my kids on “survival” camping trips, and although these trips were far from the luxury of abundance we had at home. They were also very far from true survival.

For these trips, my kids and I would pack a 24-hour ration pack, a water bottle, a knife, matches, a sleeping bag and tarp. Sometimes we would take a yabbie trap, fishing rod or some other survival related equipment.

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Plan for the worst and hope for the best!

As a hunter I am often in very isolated places with very limited or no services at all. When you venture into places like this you need to take responsibility for yourself and those that accompany you. The luxury of having an abundance of emergency services available to pick up the pieces of one of your bad decisions has long left you before you hit the dirt trails.

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What’s in your hunting emergency kit?

This week I watched a Youtube video by an Australian youtuber known as Skidpig. The video was of him going hunting on a northern Queensland property with a group of friends. In the video he explains that he has never been to the property before and that he lent his GPS to one of his friends to use, which at first seems harmless enough as they are hunting in a group and are in the boundary of a property and not too far away from their base camp. However, the group gets split up and before long Skidpig found himself lost, with minimum supplies and with darkness swiftly rolling in to make things harder.

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