Three weeks without food.

Today is the final blog in our rule of three series. This being so it is that most people can survive for three weeks without food. Again, I must stress that these time periods differ between person to person and medical conditions such as diabetes will place food higher on your list of priorities.

However, if you have no medical conditions, you will most likely be rescued well before your body needs food especially if you have told someone where you were going and when to expect you back.

Having said this, it is most likely you will be hungry, and your body will want food. Having food will also boost your moral, energy, and comfort levels. Therefore, it is a good idea to pack some long-lasting shelf stable food into your emergency kit.

Knowing that rescue will find you well before your body needs food and that many plants are toxic to consume you should never eat anything that you do not know is 1000% safe. There is no point in your rescue party coming to find your dead body because you got hungry and ate a poisonous leaf or tried to eat a puffer fish.

Due to the danger in mis identification, I will not go into what foods may be safe to eat but will strongly recommend a wild edibles course and thorough research if eating food from nature interest you.–edible-plant-courses.html

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