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Feed your hunger.


There are a few times in life when your life is drastically improved by a relatively small piece of information. For me some of these times include when I read the book Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape, which drastically improved my financial wellbeing in turn my overall wellbeing. (Not sponsored in any way or form, just an amazing book!) Or when I read the book The New Manhood by Steve Biddulph, which improved me as a man and in turn a husband and father.


Recently there was another such time where a church service totally changed my point of view. Now hear me out! I’m not here to Bible bash you, convert you or anything else. I just want to share the information, as I think it will benefit hunters. You are free to do you, just as I am free to do me 👍


The crux of the message is that we feed our appetite but not our hunger.


What this means is that we chase temporary happiness instead of true happiness. We do quick and easy things that will make us happy for a short time, rather than do the right things that will give us overall happiness for the rest of our lives!


Unfortunately, those quick easy fixes don’t last long and afterwards we can end up feeling worse, so we end up doing them more often and in larger ways trying to make up and feel better. It’s a vicious cycle, that can happen in all aspects of our life.


How this relates to hunting!


We all want to be the best hunter and get game on the ground whether it be for meat or trophy. But to be the best hunter we can peruse two ways:


One feed our appetite, chase temporary happiness and take what appears to be the easy road. We buy new and better gear over and over again chasing the happiness of being a better hunter. But gear doesn’t really make much of a difference and it will not guarantee game on the ground.


The second and what can be confused as the harder path is taking the time to learn the craft of hunting, working on fitness, eating right, not drinking too much and going to bed early the night before the hunt etc. A hunter who does this is far more likely to be successful with getting game on the ground fulfilling true happiness, not only in hunting but in other areas of life as well!


I hope you have read this to the end and get the benefits of this information. I truly wish you true happiness 😊

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