The rule of 3’s for survival.

As we touched on in our introductory blog on survival, it is vital to use your energy efficiently in a real survival situation. Misspent energy could easily result in your demise.

One way to ensure you are using your energy and resources effectively is to have a clear idea of what your priorities are, and how to meet them in the most energy and resource effective manner.

An example of this is if you need shade, you may choose to sit under a shady tree rather then take the time to put up a tarp or other shelter. The shade of the tree meets your needs of survival and takes far less energy and resources to obtain.

Now that we understand how to meet our priorities in the most energy and resource effective manner, we need to know what our priorities actually are. Our mind and our belly will put pressure on us to misspend energy and resources, because we are not accustomed to being in a situation like this. Its important to remain control when our belly is growling for food! (Medical conditions like diabetes may change the necessities of life for some readers)

The rule of 3’s is a good way to keep a track of what our priorities are. As a general rule (there are differences between people that drastically change their circumstances) the average human can live for:

· 3 seconds without hope: Never Give Up! You will need drive to get through this. Think of family, friends or even your pet to give you the drive that you need to make it out.

· 3 minutes without air: Without air we don’t last very long! If you are under water, buried alive or in thick dust or smoke you need to do something fast to ensure your survival. Use energy to do this because without air you are not going to live long.

· 3 hours without shelter: Your clothes are shelter so you should be dressed for the environment your in. However, you may need to adapt them to better suit the situation you are in. If it is cold stuff them with dry leaves or grass to keep you warmer. If its hot find some shade and roll up or loosen your clothing to cool off. Depending on your environment you may need to prepare a rough shelter to get through the night.

· 3 days without water: Water is important and if you come across it you should take advantage of it or at least remember where it is. However, is you have no air or are suffering from extreme cold you should address those concerns first. Once you are ready to take advantage of water ensure you treat the water by filtering it and sterilizing it. Drinking dirty water and getting diarrhoea could leave you in a very dangerous situation. To make water safe to drink you should filter it though some cloth like a cotton bandanna. This is because harmful bacteria can stick to the solid matter in water. You should then bring the water to a rolling boil and continue to boil the water for several minutes. This should kill the majority of bacteria in the water. Please note that this method of water purification will not remove chemicals from the water.

· 3 weeks without food: Most of us can last a long time without food. For this reason food should be the last thing on your priority list unless you have a medical or other reason that places you in harm if you do not eat. Hopefully you have let people know where you are going and when to expect you back. If this is the case, then hang in there a rescue party is on the way and should find you long before you need to eat. If you haven’t done this then you may be in for the long haul. Don’t give up! Remember 3 seconds without hope. The best thing you can do now is find your version of God and start praying. As well as never eat anything you don’t know is 100% safe to eat, don’t waste more energy getting the food then what the food will give you and finally, next time if you make it out of this tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back!

Remember this blog is for entertainment purposes and I will not be held liable for you dying in a survival situation! Make sure you take the gear you need, a personal Location Beacon and tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.

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