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The best kit to start hunting is not always the most expensive.

Many people want to hunt but never get around to it because they fall into the trap of thinking they always need more!

They will start researching hunting by buying hunting magazines and watching hunting videos. Unfortunately many hunting magazines and videos survive off of sponsorship. In essence it is their job to make you think you need a $3000 rifle, $1000 scope, $400 backpack, $300 camo clothing and every other bit of gear under the sun before you can go hunting.

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How to get a hunting property.

In this blog I am going to tell you my journey of becoming a recreational shooter, and how I got my hunting properties. Along the way I will give you some tips and hints on how to find your own hunting property. By the end of this blog I hope you will see that finding a hunting property of your own is a very simple process, BUT it is not easy! Yes, there is a difference.

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