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Moving to Queensland with Firearms.


Are you moving to Queensland from interstate with firearms?

If so, there are some very important things that you need to know! During my time working in the firearms industry, I have seen time and time again lawful firearm owners cause themselves heartache and cost themselves money.

Firstly, you can bring your firearms to Queensland with you so long as you transport them as per the legislation regarding the transportation of firearms in your state, Queensland, and any state you pass through. I recommend emailing each states firearms registry and getting a written response on how firearms are to be transported. Don't forget that some firearms that you can legally own in one state may be banned in another.

You will find the information for transporting firearms in or on a vehicle in Queensland under section 96 Safety precautions for weapons in or on vehicle and section 95 Storage of weapon not in person’s physical possession if away from secure storage facilities or visitor to Queensland—secure storage of the Queensland Weapons Regulation.

In short during transport your firearms will be “stored” in or on a vehicle in this circumstance ensure that:

1. If the vehicle has a lockable boot, the weapon is locked in the boot; otherwise:

(a) the weapon is locked in a metal container fixed to the vehicle; or
(b) the weapon is in a securely closed container that is out of sight in the

2. The metal container and anything on or attached to it, must not suggest that a
weapon is inside.

3. A person in control of a weapon (whether or not the person has custody of it) must ensure the weapon is not left in an unlocked vehicle if the vehicle is not being
attended by someone licensed to possess the weapon.

While traveling from state to state you may need to stop overnight due to the vast distance travelled. In this circumstance you will be Storing your firearm away from a secure storage facility.

To store your weapons appropriately store your weapons unloaded in:
  • a securely closed container with the bolt removed or with a trigger lock fitted, or
  • a locked container.​​
The container must be either:
  • out of sight in a locked room of a permanent building, or
  • locked in the boot of a vehicle, or
  • out of sight, locked in a vehicle that does not have a boot.

To find out more in relation to the transport and storage of firearms in Queensland visit

Unfortunately, there is no way to 'transfer' licences between states. If you are moving to Queensland and have a current interstate licence, you will need to make application for a new licence in Queensland.

However, may not be required to complete a weapons safety course, provided you have a current interstate firearms licence, and:
If you want additional categories of weapons endorsed on your Queensland licence that you did not have on your interstate licence, you will need to fulfil the weapons safety course requirements.

Your interstate licence will be mutually recognised, and you can maintain possession of your firearms until a decision is made on your application, provided your licence remains current and you have lodged an application for a new licence within the above time frames.

This is vitally important to know! This is where many shooters believe that their interstate licence is only valid for three (3) months, subsequently putting their firearms into safe keeping at gun stores costing them storage fees and sometimes additional fees for PTA’s and brokerage.

The recognition of your interstate licence for three months comes from visiting Queensland for lawful shooting such as a competition or hunting. Sections 32 Temporary recognition of interstate licences for particular purposes and 33 Interstate residents moving to Queensland of the Queensland Weapons Act relate.

Obviously to continue to maintain possession of your firearms whilst your licence application is being processed you will need to ensure you have a secure storage facility fitted into your residence in Queensland. Generally in Queensland for less than 30 category A and B firearms this means In a locked container constructed of solid steel or solid timber, and securely fixed to the frame or floor of a permanent building if the container weighs less than 150kg.

Container must be kept locked with a sturdy combination lock, keyed lock or keyed padlock.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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