The best kit to start hunting is not always the most expensive.

Many people want to hunt but never get around to it because they fall into the trap of thinking they always need more!

They will start researching hunting by buying hunting magazines and watching hunting videos. Unfortunately many hunting magazines and videos survive off of sponsorship. In essence it is their job to make you think you need a $3000 rifle, $1000 scope, $400 backpack, $300 camo clothing and every other bit of gear under the sun before you can go hunting.

Unfortunately this dose nothing but hurt our sport, hobby and passion. Because we are already out numbered by animal activists, greens and people who just generally can’t understand hunting and the benefits it has for the environment, economy and community, without more hunters coming into our sport and more voices of support we will slowly die out and or be outlawed.

Although hunting and shooting can be quite an expensive sport you do not need the 1000s or sometimes the 10s of 1000s of dollars of equipment some will have you believe!

You can start rabbit hunting learning the basics of finding game, being quiet, aim and field dressing and all you need is a second hand .22 rife for $100 and a box of ammo for about $5. Find an old knife around the house and a couple of plastic bags to keep your bunnies in and your set to go hunting.

Want to hunt something bigger then buy yourself an old Lithgow 303 for around $250, go to the army disposal shop and pick up a set of auscams for around $80. A couple of garbage bin liners for your meat, a good knife to field dress (you can get a f-dick for around $40-$50) a cheap canvas back pack and and old water bottle and your set to go hunting for around $500.

In the picture below I have 2 sets of food which cost about the same, you can see quite a difference between them though.

I attached these pictures to demonstrate that 1) I once fell for the marketing traps and found myself scaling back once I found my own unique style of hunting (we all hunt a little different) and
2) the value for money that can be had.

This is not to say there is not benefits to expensive and quality equipment. Just don’t let waiting for the best and most expensive kit get in the way of starting!

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