Why Orange?

Why orange?

Orange in particular Hunter or Blaze Orange is a colour which has been associated with hunting and more so with responsible hunting since the 1960’s.

Its advent along with the NRA Hunter Education Program, now a National Mandatory program in the USA, is instrumental in keeping hunting accidents to a minimum.

Subsequently states in Australia which allow public land hunting such as New South Wales and Victoria have also adopted the requirement to wear Hunter or Blaze Orange and undertake safe hunting courses.

The safety factor of Hunter or Blaze Orange combined with the fact that it has been proven that many animals legally hunted in Australia (excluding ducks, they can see colour) can’t see Hunter or Blaze Orange, makes it the perfect flag ship colour for a hunting/firearms club.

Hunter Orange stands out in a crowd and makes our club recognised.

It says I am a responsible hunter and safety is at the forefront of my mind.

It increases our members safety whilst hunting.

It tells people I am a lawful Hunter and builds trust.

It sells a positive image to the non hunting community which helps us when we lobby for positive change for hunters and hunting.

These are just some of the many reasons why Hunters and Shooters Society of Australia chose Hunter Orange to represent our club.

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