Does Hunting Have a PR Problem?

Does hunting has a PR problem?

Yesterday was my day off from my day job. After doing my chores I decided to watch some Netflix and settled on “Stars in the sky, a hunting story”.

This program was a documentary on hunting, the ethics behind hunting and why hunters hunt.

It is undoubted that humans are made to hunt. We have binocular vision and canine teeth just like any other predator. However some will argue our ethics should cease us from hunting.

I personally have issue with the ethics of a non hunters diet. I believe that a vegans diet in particular kills more animals through habitat destruction, pesticide and agricultural practice than any Hunter ever would. However, it’s unseen and falsely eases the concious of the vegan so they can mistakenly sleep better at night… But that’s another story.

While watching the documentary, there was an interview with a vegan physiologist who stated that “hunting has a PR problem”. This statement was followed by a series of short clips of mostly american hunters doing reckless activities.

This got me thinking… Does hunting have a PR problem?

I understand that we are in a time where being a vegan is trendy and this would have a flow on effect to activities such as hunting.

But I thought to my self, it’s rare to see protesters wading in water preventing people from fishing like we see in duck season every year!

On social media you see posts of people display their fish proudly with little to no recourse however hunters are near the point of no longer posting their success.

Both sports focus on locating, killing and then eating an animal in a general sense.

Yes there is trophy hunting just as there is trophy fishing. And I know catch and release will be brought up however with the mortality rates of released fish I suspect that’s more a feel good exercise for the fisher rather than the fish.

So I came to the conclusion that it must be right! Hunting must have a PR problem! But when did it start and how do we fix it?

Not so long ago hunters were prized by the community for bringing protein into our diets.

In my opinion hunting, fishing and gathering is the most ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable way of obtaining food.

There is no need for Habitat destruction, no waste, take what you need on a daily basis, enough food left for other animals, prey lives happy and free until it is harvested for food.

So how can something so natural, honest, environmentally friendly and sustainable gain a bad PR image?

This question I will leave rhetorical for you to consider next time you go hunting…

Think about the way you hunt and what your actions do to the PR image of hunting.

Happy hunting and safe Shooting.

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