Can you store your firearm with the bolt in (QLD)?

For many years I have read the Queensland weapons regulations regarding safe storage of firearms and questioned the words of Section 94(2) A person who possesses a weapon must, when the weapon is not in the person’s physical possession, store it unloaded in a locked container complying with subsections (5) and (6), with the weapon’s bolt removed or its action broken. In particular the words “bolt removed, or action broken”?

Dose this mean that the bolt must be removed on a bolt action and on other actions such as break, lever, martini actions the action just needs to be broken?

Or if you just store a bolt action rifle with the bolt open would this meet with the requirements of the legislation?

For many sporting shooters and hunters, it really makes very little difference. However, for farmers it could mean the difference between efficient pest control of a wild dog trying to take a calf in the house paddock or loosing a calf to the wild dog due to the time taken locating a bolt for the firearm.

I have previously sought advice from Queensland Police Weapons Licensing Branch and had varying responses with out any qualifying information to back up the position they were alleging was correct.

Recently Hunters and Shooters Society of Australia reached out to Robbie Katter of the KAP and asked if they could get a written response answering this question once and for all.

I have attached a screen shot of the email from the KAP which can confirm that you do not need to remove the bolt from a bolt action rifle and that you can store it with its action broken.

Please keep in mind that this blog is not legal advice and that the Queensland Weapons Laws are multi layered and that you need to read several acts and regulations together to arrive at the correct interpretation of the legislation. Further there are different legal requirements for different methods of storage, transport, weapon licence types etc and it is your responsibility to be aware of and comply with such.

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