A story about hunting stories.

Some of the oldest known stories known to mankind are hunting stories in the form of pictures painted onto cave walls. There is just something about hunting that makes us want to not only share our stories but also share the experience by sharing the meat obtained from hunting with anyone brave or curious enough to want to try it.

Every time I see one of my hunting friends, they have a story to tell, whether it be a successful hunt, a near miss or a completely failed hunt the story still needs to be told! There is just something that begs hunters to pass on their knowledge and experience.

In the past hunting stories needed to be told to ensure that the skills and knowledge essential for survival could be passed down through the generations. The cave paintings are more than just a decoration or a brag book they are a vital instruction manual on how to catch dinner!

The best hunting stories are often told by a campfire surrounded by a ring of rocks under a star lit sky while the hunt is still fresh in the memory of the hunter. Even for non-hunters these stories are often exciting and entertaining.

I believe that people enjoy hunting stories because hunting is a primal instinct which is embedded deep within humans as a basic skill to obtain food. Hunting brings people back to their grass roots, right back to their bare basic and nature. Hunting stories remind us of what and who we are and of simpler times when life was less complicated but at the same time more complex without all the luxuries we currently have in life.

In todays day and age hunting stories are still vital in my opinion, but no longer for the survival of humans, more so for the survival of the tradition of hunting itself.

Hunting stories are a chance for us, hunters, to share our passion and explain all the great things that come from our sport. The sense of wellbeing, exercise, social connections, truly understanding the environment, volunteer habitat/environment works and the boost that hunters give our economy.

Stories of the failed hunt gives us an opportunity to share the difficulty in hunting and rebut myths, that once you go into the bush with a gun it’s an unfair chase, the animals have no hope and you are an indiscriminate killer.

Stories of the successful hunt allow for us to share the melancholy of killing an animal along with the joy of obtaining fresh, organic, free range, sustainable and environmentally friendly meat to share with family and friends.

Along with sharing the spoils of your hunting, hunting stories are a vital way for hunters to educate and recruit non-hunters and at a bare minimum increase a non-hunter’s understanding of hunting and why we hunt.

If hunting stories are shared correctly with though and consideration, this increases community understanding and often community support of hunters and hunting. This is vital for the continuation of our sport into the future.

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